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Born in Indonesia, I ventured out of my comfort zone. I took my first airplane ride to Australia, where I completed my bachelor's and master's education.


I developed more passion for others during my human resources career for the past 26 years, from being stationed in different countries and working for local and multinational companies.

Some key events in my career include supporting employees during the 1998 racial riot outbreak, managing headcount reductions, and downsizing exercises that saw me on the shorter end of the stick.


These have been transformational to me as a coach, for I can relate and advise on different career challenges in a been-there-done-that manner.  

While I had reached a satisfying career as HR Director and VP, I knew my true calling in life was to reconnect with my passion for growing people at a personal level.


This time I knew I could make a big difference as I am armed with the knowledge, insights, and perspectives of a seasoned HR corporate leader. 

I have had the opportunity to coach a spectrum of people from fresh graduates to senior management in my career.


I aim to equip next-generation leaders with the necessary skills to navigate challenges and grow their careers. 

Are you ready to take control of your career?

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Image Reference: Interview with HRM Asia for my insights on HR's changing roles

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Victor Tjang
Education Consultant @ Oracle 

After my session with Marcus, I refined my job hunt strategies and started receiving interviews. For my current job, even though I had no prior background, I went on to ace the interview in front of an 8-people panel and became one of the four hired out of hundreds of applicants

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Senior TV Producer

Marcus' knowledge helped me prioritize and focus better on the steps need to be taken for my career

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Amy Chan

MBA Candidate entering the job market

Marcus' unconventional way helped me to identify better and focus on the job roles according to my career aspirations.

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